The Story of Krazy Kong

Krazy Kong NFT sample

Humans and modern apes both evolved from great apes around 10 million years ago. But the intelligence of humans developed at a much faster pace, enabling them to now dominate the world and all life within.

Human rule and expansion across planet earth have been leading to devastating environmental consequences. Deforestation is exacerbating climate change and animal habitat loss, forcing some animals to venture into urban areas and live side-by-side with humans. It has been found that our close ape relatives (like monkeys and gorillas) have been able to adapt somewhat successfully to life with humans, in a way catching up to humans in the course of evolution.

Kong is one of those modern apes who have been affected by habitat loss due to human conquest and colonization, and some of his interactions with humans have been violent in the past, as they treated him like a monster.

Nowadays, Kong is trying to get over his tumultuous past and fit into city life. He has been absorbing an enormous amount of information via various media like television, cinema, and the internet. He loves movies, music, travel and gambling, and experiments widely with fashion, culture, technologies like robotics and blockchain, and recreational drugs. Sometimes he has mind-blowing psychedelic experiences that lead to profoundly cathartic explosions of creativity, resulting in behavior that some may deem crazy. Kong has been able to feel a wide range of emotions, often including rage - brandishing weapons, causing significant damage, and getting caught up with human law.

Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample

Krazy Kong Project

This NFT collection of Kong's portraits provides a window into his deep immersion, explorations and experimentations of life and finding meaning in modern human society.

More importantly and urgently, the bigger-picture ulterior aim of this particular ape NFT project is to raise awareness of and entice questions on global environmental and social issues that include the dire consequences of deforestation, animal rights, inequality, conflict and war within and between animal (including human) species. Such deep and meaningful causes make Krazy Kong the best Ape NFTs in the market.

There will be a maximum supply of 8888 non-fungible Krazy Kong tokens. Each NFT corresponds to a high quality PNG image having a resolution of 4096 x 4096 pixels. The images will be on IPFS and pinned for permanence.

Our Dapp will allow you to choose the blockchain that you want to mint onto from a number of options. Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche are supported, and others may be added soon. Restrictions have been implemented that prevent more than one token from being minted per token ID across all supported blockchains. We plan to add functionality to migrate NFTs between blockchains, so NFTs that you mint on Polygon, for example, can later be migrated to Ethereum.

Our dedicated NFT smart contract complies with the ERC1155 token standard which is more gas-efficient than ERC721. e.g. ERC1155 allows for batch transfers, so you can mint as many NFTs as you want at one time and pay gas fee for only one blockchain transaction.

Various tokens will be accepted as payment for minting, including USDT. As we are collaborating with SKYBIT, there will be a great discount if you use SKYBIT tokens.

Minted NFTs can be freely traded on OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, GhostMarket, NFTrade and all other marketplaces that can import a collection from an NFT smart contract address.

Stay tuned also for upcoming play-to-earn games in which it’ll be possible to use these NFTs to gain various benefits, such as greater earnings.

Giveaways and other benefits have been given on Discord, so join now!

Rarity distribution

Krazy Kong NFTs are distributed into 5 rarity categories as shown below.

Rarity level Quantity Proportion of maximum supply Drop 1 quantity Drop 2 quantity
Legendary 38 0.4% 18 3
Epic 388 4.4% 0 5
Rare 888 10% 0 7
Uncommon 2888 32.5% 0 23
Common 4686 52.7% 0 32

Minting is done by random so you could be lucky enough to mint some Legendary or Epic NFTs which would fetch high prices on marketplaces.

You'll see the rarities of your NFTs in the Minting Dapp section like below.

example NFT holdings table

Krazy Kong NFT Samples

Here is a small set of sample images from the Krazy Kong NFT collection

Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample
Krazy Kong NFT sample

Krazy Kong Games

Play-to-earn games are currently being developed related to Krazy Kong. You'll be able to earn Kong$ and soon you will be able to use Krazy Kong NFTs to have various benefits in the games.

Krazy Kong Thriller game


See the Thriller Game page to play Kong in a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket holding a chainsaw (as depicted in one of our NFTs) as a weapon against zombies!

Krazy Kong - Big Trip - Play To Earn Game

Big Trip

Kong explores various places and fights the inhabitants! Try the playable demo now: Big Trip

Krazy Kong finds a Melo Pearl

After losing his home due to deforestation, Kong travelled around and tried to live alongside humans.

At first he had trouble fitting into human society because he looked different, often becoming the victim of oppression and racism, and getting into fights. But fortunately he met welcoming people who treated him with dignity and respect, and gave the support that he needed. He made many friends, learned a lot from them, and tried activities that they did, including many weird and crazy things.

From Kong’s adventures afar and, in particular, engagement in psychedelic experiences, he developed a deeper spiritual connection with nature and an intense appreciation of colourful beauty, especially that displayed in the natural world.

Kong’s wide-ranging activities and experiences have been continually stimulating and enriching his mind, pushing it beyond its natural limits, leading to greater intellect and an enlightened multidimensional understanding of life, the universe, existence, consciousness and spirituality.

As Kong ventured beyond forests, Kong learned to swim and explored the sea, not just to find seafood, but also to marvel at the many brightly-coloured underwater creatures.

One day Kong caught a melo melo sea snail and found a beautiful large orange pearl inside. He was awestruck by the pearl’s natural fiery colour and shimmering flame-like patterns. It also brought back fond memories of his past when he would sit on a forest mountain and watch the sun rise.

Kong realised that his discovery was extremely precious after learning that melo pearls are believed to bring good luck, that there are only about 200 in existence worldwide, and that the melo melo sea snail population has been decreasing due to sea pollution by humans.

Kong sensed the pattern of selfish and destructive actions of humans that have not only caused the loss of his home, but, due to the interconnectedness of everything from micro to macro scales, have also led to other bigger problems for the world and all life in it.

Kong has therefore made it his mission to spread awareness of the urgent need for humans to inclusively and holistically respect all of nature - animals (including humans), plants, land, sea, and air - in order to move away from the self-destructive path that humans have put the planet on, towards a sustainable world for future generations of all living beings.

Krazy Kong with melo pearl

Mint Krazy Kong NFTs here!

Krazy Kong Minting Dapp

Using this Dapp you will be able to mint Krazy Kong NFTs to Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and a few other blockchains that we decide to support.

You can use any Dapp browser (either a wallet app that has a Dapp browser or a web browser extension) to mint NFTs using our Dapp below. Supported wallets include:

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2021 October

  • Collaboration with SKYBIT initiated

2022 March

  • Web site launched
  • Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram) launched

2022 April

  • Giveaways and contests

2022 July

  • Initial drop minted out
  • Thriller game released

2022 December

  • Big Trip game demo released
  • Melo Pearl introduction

2023 January

  • NFT Drop 2
  • Collaboration with other projects

2023 February

  • Cross-chain NFT migration function implemented

2023 March

  • NFT Drop 3

2023 May

  • Big Trip game final release

2023 August

  • Development of other games e.g. prediction / betting games

Project roadmap and time frames are subject to change with the project progress.


NFT Calendar

Krazy Kong project is being developed in collaboration with SKYBIT

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